Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bangladesh ISP List

Bangladesh is a small country but there is a lot of ISP (Internet Service Provider) running their business.

Few of them are:

  • AB Network Limited (Chittagong )

  • Access Telecom Limited (Dhaka)

  • Aamra Networks Limited. (Dhaka)

  • Aftab IT Limited (Dhaka)

  • Agni Systems Limited (Dhaka)

  • AKNet (Corporate Only)

  • AkTel (GPRS, Poor Quality)

  • Akceycom Limited (Inactive)

  • Akij Online Ltd (No Public Service Offering)

  • Asia Online (BD) Ltd. (Currently Inactive)

  • Asia Pacific Communication  (Inactive)

  • Bangladesh Online Limited  (BOL).  (Dhaka)

  • Bangladesh Telephone Company Limited (BTCL) (Nationwide Dialup, DSL, E1, STM1 etc)

  • Bdcom Online Limited (Dhaka and Sylhet)

  • Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd  (No Activity)

  • Bd Corp (Currently Inactive)

  • Bijoy Online (Dhaka)

  • BG Tech (Inactive )

  • Brac Network System (BracNet) (Nationwide)

  • BTS Communications (BD) Ltd (Dhaka, Sylhet)

  • Broadband Telecom Services Ltd.  (No Activity)

  • Dolphi Net (Inactive)

  • CITech CyberNet Ltd  (Unknown Status)

  • CityCell (CDMA Mobile Internet Service)

  • CGS Communication (Currently Inactive)

  • Communication One (pvt) ltd (Unknown Status)

  • CPM Blue Online Ltd (Co-operation with BRAC)

  • Dhaka Com Limited (Dhaka)

  • Cyberx IT Ltd. (Unknown Status)

  • Daffodil Online Ltd (Dhaka)

  • Data Edge Ltd  (Dhaka)

  • Drik Online Limited (No Public Service )

  • Data Net Corporation Ltd (No New Activity)

  • Dekko Airnet Ltd.  (Seems Inactive, not sure)

  • Dominox Technologies Ltd (Unknown)

  • Desh Online Services (Unknown Status)

  • Drishte Online Ltd (Dhaka / Home User Based)

  • Druti Network Ltd (Unknown Status)

  • Eastern Link BD (pvt) Ltd (Unknown Status)

  • E-Net Communications Ltd. (Inactive)

  • First n First Limited (FnF) (Chittagong)

  • Global Information Network Ltd. (Dhaka)

  • Global Access Ltd. (Dhaka)

  • Global Link Telecom Ltd (Inactive)

  • Grameen Cybernet Ltd. (Dhaka)

  • GrameenPhone (Wireless EDGE Service to Mobile End User)

  • Geotel IT Ltd (Dhaka)

  • HRC Technologies Ltd  (Inactive)

  • Information Services Network Limited (ISN) (Dhaka)

  • Ichinet Ltd. (Unknown Status)

  • IDEA Technologies.  (Unknown Status)

  • IDS Bangladesh.  (Dhaka)

  • Insoft Systems Ltd. (Unknown Status)

  • Intech Online ltd (Dhaka)

  • International Computer Connections (Unknown Status)

  • Is Pros Limited (Unknown Status)

  • KLBd Online (No Service, Closed)

  • Link3 Technologies Limited (Nationwide Data and Internet)

  • Libra Computer Aid. (Unknown Status)

  • Maisha Technologies Ltd  (Dhaka)

  • MB Telecom (Dhaka)

  • Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. (Dhaka)

  • Mirae Company Limited (Unknown Status)

  • MLB Net (Unknown Status)

  • Net Access Bangladesh (Unknown Status)

  • NCLL (Inactive)

  • New Generation Graphics Limited  (Unknown Status)

  • Nreach – net (Pvt) Limited (Unknown Status)

  • Optimax Communication Ltd  (Unknown Status)

  • Pradeshta Network Limited (Inactive)

  • ProshikaNet Online Limited (Dhaka)

  • Poly IT Ltd  (Unknown)

  • Ranks ITT Ltd (Nationwide)

  • RanksTel (PSTN Internet)

  • Reve Systems (Unknown Status)

  • Royal Green Online Ltd  (Unknown Status)

  • (Inactive)

  • SAM Online Limited 

  • Sirius Broadband (BD) Ltd (Dhaka)

  • (Inactive )

  • Span Internetworks Ltd  (Inactive)

  • Spark Systems Ltd. (Dhaka)

  • Sorob IT Ltd. (Unknown Status)

  • Spectra Solution Limited (Inactive)

  • SpectraNet Limited (Inactive)

  • Square InformatiX Ltd (Corporate Only)

  • Techno Online Ltd (Unknown Status)

  • Telnet Communication Limited (Nationwide Data and Internet, Metrodigital Fiber Network in Dhaka for both Data and Internet)

  • Trans-net System Ltd. (Unknown Status)

  • Texas Electronics Ltd. (Nationwide Backbone)

  • Vas Digital Communications Ltd. (Inactive and Close)

  • Westec Limited (Inactive)

  • X-Net Limited  (Wireless Data Service Provider)

    To see a updated list of Bangladeshi ISP, please visit the link bellow: 

  • Source: ISP in Bangladesh: List of Bangladesh ISP with Details Information including Contact Address and Product Offering 


    1. Thanks for the tips on which internet services there are out there. It's good to know which services are active and which have become inactive. Great work on the list.

    2. Dear Mr. Bauani,

      I would like to inform you that we have to some correction in Bangladesh ISP List. Like: Broad Band Telecom Services Ltd. instead of Broadband Telecom Services Ltd. (No Activity)and our status should be Active. We Nationwide ISP in Bangladesh since 2002.

      Thanking you

      Aloy Kumar Das
      Broad Band Telecom Service Ltd.
      July 17, 2012

    3. Thanks for the tips on which internet services there are out there. It's good to know which services are active and which have become inactive. Great work on the list.

    4. Where from ISP purchase Bandwith?

    5. Where from ISP purchase Bandwith?