Sunday, August 15, 2010

IPv6 and Digital Bangladesh: What ISPs or ISPAB are Doing?

Recently an word 'Digital Bangladesh' a word (Actually a Phrase) is everybody's ear of Bangladeshi People. This Phrase was was in Election Manifesto of Current Government. Government and some of their near people is shouting Digital, Digital and Digital Bangladesh in almost every program. They are taking every measurement to make our Country towards Digitalizing of every process. This is a very good steps to make the country's economy / lifestyle high. 

Internet play a very big role to develop a country. Currently Bangladesh is connected with Internet via a Submarine Cable & the protocol use to communicate via internet is 'IPv4', which is become 'finished'. So Internet Society start Develop a new Protocol name IPv6, which is currently almost production stage. All Traffic from or to Internet go through 2 International Internet Gateway (IIGW). Unfortunately none of this gateway support IPv6 yet and didn't have any plan to do so!(Giving this support is almost costless, no new hardware needed) Though they are not giving us support to connect to IPv6 Internet, we are currently using a technology called '6 over 4' tunnel.

Today, when I am writing this post, only 5% of IPv4 address in Global Internet remaining, including reserved and Unusable address click here to see a visual display of current status on Hurricane Electric IPv4 Exhaustion Counters HE.NET:

Recently only IX of Bangladesh, BDIX has started to take application for IPv6 peering and it is internal route in country only! Till now I found only one ISP is publicly offering IPv6 to it's customer for free. If you are offering IPv6 for your customer, please write a comments so that I can update the article.

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Deploying IPv6 in Bangladesh, Though it is Tunneled,

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