Wednesday, November 12, 2008

KBps or Kbps, the confution and fact on ISP Industry of Bangladesh

The Most Common Questing as Sales Person from Any ISP in Bangladesh get is "How Much Bandwidth I will get on your package?"

The sales person from any ISP receive this type of query is also become confused to answer this query. They even don't know the fact of Kbps or kbps themselves!!!

In Bangladesh Internet Service Industry, we locally call it "boro K" (Capital K)  or "choto k" (Small k).  Here "boro K" (Capital K) is used to refer as 'Kilo-Bytes-Per-Second' and "Choto k" (Small k ) is used to refer as "Kilo-Bits-Per-Second"!

This confusion raised as most of browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox or even Google Chrome show the transfer rate in disk storage method (Kilo  Bytes Transferred / Time in Second). But in communication industry all of data transfer is quoted as 'Kilo Bits per Second".  For general people, when any ISP quote their bandwidth with 'x Kbps', it come in mind that he/she will get that 'x' number in his/her browser, which is not true in a sense. 

So my advice is for the ISP personal to use 'kilo bits per second' instate of 'kbps'. 

This article is just to show the confusion between ISP and the User. I will write more on this term on a later article. 

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